Season 19 Part 1-3

5th Class Quest, Wings, Giant Mount

Mu Online map Tomenta Island

Map drops Lightning items

Global Mu Online Season 19

Grow Lancer renewal

Global Mu Online Season 18

Season of Illusion Knight

GlobalMuOnline Season 18 Gaming World

/startergift Free Lucky set 1lvl

Server for everyone!

Ignis Volcano, Apocalypse sets

GlobalMuOnline - S18 Characters Lemuria, Kundun

Season update DONE

Updates 10.February

A new update has been added to the server, to play run launcher to get client patch automatically! Or download manually HERE

Guncrusherr can wear MG 4th wings (Wings of Destruction)

New antilag feature added to check details type /antilag

Fixed Socket count drop for pentagrams
Fixed detection skill does not show players
Fixed battle Mind skill for Slayer
Fixed Weakness and Innovation
Fixed elemental def option does not reflect in 'C' window
Fixed no sound for some users
Fixed Bloodangel Shield coming with no excellent options when purchased from Ruud Shop
Fixed selected mastery mixes not working
Fixed Exp bar issues
Fixed Socket Bonus options do not work with Excellent Socket Accessories
Fixed Barrage for Death Scythe Enhanced
Fixed Solid Protection buff cause fps drop in certain scenarios
Fixed Greatness Mastery skill effect
Fixed party auto-accept issue
Fixed inability to re-join party in a certain scenario
Fixed move to Battle Zone while in party
Fixed Solid Protection Enhancement skill not working properly
Fixed Exp Multiplier display info
Fixed Triple Shot Enhancement skill barrage count
Fixed not working properly Pentagram "DEF Added to elemental def + 5%" option
Fixed Off Traders do not get disconnected when the personal store gets emptied

GlobalMuOnline Season 16 X99999

Global Mu Online Season is reopened with latest Season 16 server files! Server X9999 grand opening will be at 22.January 2021!
The server is maximum experience rate and with easy drop rate, ingame drops all items for creating top gear/wings/accessories/seeds/pentas!
Season 16 brings new character GunCrusher: Range style, Weapon: Pistol, new maps to level to top level: Red Icarud and Arnil Temple with extra strong monsters, new 3rd earings! Server is mu online private server top choice!
New socket + excellent necklaces that drops in Red Icarus and Arnil Temple: Jasper Necklace, Lapis Lazuli Necklace, Battle Jasper Necklace, Battle Lagoon Necklace
Dark Knight updates New skills: Swordsman's Wrath, Sword Blow, Strong Belief, Solid Protection.
New pet: Ice Dragon and Rare Ice Dragon.

Version: Season 16
Experience rate: X9999
Reset System: In Website, from 400lvl, Stats stays, reward 20Wcoins
Grand reset: 100 Resets, Reward 2000 Wcoins + 50'000Ruud, Bonus stats 2000
Maximum character level: 1300
Max Accounts per IP: 5
Bosses Respawn Time: 1 Hour, Events Every 1hour!

Opening Times:
[UTC +2, 18.00-Poland]
[UTC +8, 24.00-Philipines]
[UTC -3 13.00-Argentina]

Start rewards: In game type: /startergift and /buffme to get Lucky Set 1lvl tickets, as well as /getzen to get zen!

Version: Season 16
Experience: X9999
Max stats: 32000
Points per level: Standart 5/7
Spots: All maps

Spots All maps, press TAB to check spot location
Extra Drops: Pets, 1 and 2 lvl wings, mithril, jewels, custom jewels
Chocolate boxes: Exc items and weapons/Wings/Ancient items
Top Maps: Ruud Boxes

Xshop: Buy or Gift Buffs, Pets, Seals for in-game acquired Wcoins
Offtrade: Sell your items to other players while being offline
Personal store: Sell your items to other players for Wcoins

Hunt Sheeps, Horses, and other minibosses for Ruud
Hunt Abyss Of Atlans for RUUD Boxes(random drop)
Participate in BC from master level for Ruud Boxes

Previous Global MuOnline players can get all 100% of their donation coins back to globalmuonline if a donation was made with our playrpg partner! To do that send email with your playrpg account name, and your credits that spend on Globalmu will be returned for another use!

The server is returning without any GM's that could intervene game process on their advantage or break the game process. Support is FB page or email address.