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Crafting Spirit Stones

(Lesser, Intermediate and Greater)
Crafting Location: Chaos Machine (Noria Map – Coordinates 180,102)

 (">Lesser Spirit Stone) – Ingredients:
- Regular Items (no- excellent) – Recommend +9 level items with +16 additional defense.
- Zen: 400,000

 (">Intermediate Spirit Stone) – Also known as Medium Magic Stone – Ingredients:
- Excellent Items – Recommend +9 level items with +16 additional defence.
- Zen: 400,000

 (">Greater Spirit Stone) – Also known as Higher Magic Stone – Ingredients:
- Ancient Items – Recommend +9 level items with +16 additional defence.
- Zen: 400,000

1. First, gather the above ingredients for the specific stones.
2. Move or warp your character to map Noria to coordinates 180,102 and click the NPC Chaos Goblin.
3. Click Magic Stone Combinations and add the ingredients to the specific magic stones you want to create. For example Lesser Spirit Stone – Click the item and drag to the combination box on the left and click on an empty space. (You can also right-click the item on your inventory so the item will move automatically to the combination box).
4. Once all the items are placed in the combination box you then click “Combining” button.

1. when the combination fails, all items you placed inside the combination box will disappear.
2. X50 is the maximum amount of stones you can stack together to one.

Published by Salvis 13/12/2019