Season 19 Part 1-3

5th Class Quest, Wings, Giant Mount

Mu Online map Tomenta Island

Map drops Lightning items

Global Mu Online Season 19

Grow Lancer renewal

Global Mu Online Season 18

Season of Illusion Knight

GlobalMuOnline Season 18 Gaming World

/startergift Free Lucky set 1lvl

Server for everyone!

Ignis Volcano, Apocalypse sets

GlobalMuOnline - S18 Characters Lemuria, Kundun

Season update DONE

Bloody Tarkan

Bloody tarkan Mu Online Season 18 Part 2-2

Tarkan has been burned, and new map was spawned with strong furious mu online bloody monsters!


Bloody tarkan Map information

hunting groundhow to moveentry levelhunting penalty level
Bloody TarkanMove command window
You can move by consuming 50,000 Zen.

2) [Move on foot] You can move through the entrance
at Tarkan (110, 231) .

- You can move to the hunting ground (main/boomer) of the desired property using Helper Plus. 

- Bloody Tarkan is an attribute hunting ground where monsters with attributes appear.

- There is a safe zone on the map, and you will be moved to the safe zone when you enter the hunting ground, die, or reconnect.

- Monsters have Excellent Damage Probability Resistance, Critical Damage Probability Resistance, Damage Absorption,

  It has a debuff chance resistance value. 


Bloody Tarkan  drop items

Main drop items
Excellent Apocalypse Items
Excellent Socket Necklace


Bloody Tarkan monsters

namebloody mutant
It is a fresh-blooded mutant monster that attacks at close range.


nameBloody Wolf
It is a bloody bloody wolf monster that attacks at close range.


nameBloody Beam
A bloody beam knight monster that attacks from a distance.



A fresh-blooded Tantalus monster that attacks from a distance. Absorbs
250 mana and 10 AG when attacking

Published by Admin 19/06/2023