Season 19 Part 1-3

5th Class Quest, Wings, Giant Mount

Mu Online map Tomenta Island

Map drops Lightning items

Global Mu Online Season 19

Grow Lancer renewal

Global Mu Online Season 18

Season of Illusion Knight

GlobalMuOnline Season 18 Gaming World

/startergift Free Lucky set 1lvl

Server for everyone!

Ignis Volcano, Apocalypse sets

GlobalMuOnline - S18 Characters Lemuria, Kundun

Season update DONE

Artifact System

Mu Online Artifacts 

Introduction to artifacts

New equipment artifacts that characters in mu online can equip are added.


  1. Artifacts are equipment items that characters can equip.
  2. There is a dedicated slot that can be equipped with artifacts.
  3. By equipping it in the slot, you can apply the artifact's option effect. 
  4. Artifacts are shaped like puzzle pieces with hexagonal figures connected to each other, and there are several types.


How to create artifact:

  • 1x peace of artifact * 50 jewel of creation in chaos machine first tab!

Required level : 800

There are a total of 7 levels of Spider Artifact (1 to 7). Each Hạng Spider Artifact will have its own characteristics. Each feature will have 15 levels.

Published by Admin 19/06/2023