GlobalMuOnline Season 18P2 X1000

New medium experience server X1000 Medium Opening at 18.November

GlobalMuOnline Season 18P2 X1000

/startergift Free Lucky set 1lvl

Server for everyone!

Full S18P2 Ashen Aida, MG renewal, Lion

GlobalMuOnline - S18 Characters Lemuria, Kundun

Season update DONE

Found Drops

Serpent Sword
Sword of Salamander
Light Saber
Legendary Sword
Heliacal Sword
Double Blade
Lighting Sword
Giant Sword
Sacred Glove
Dacia Short Sword
Sword of Destruction
Holy Storm Claws
Cookery Short Sword
Rune Blade
Elven Axe
Battle Axe
Nikea Axe
Larkan Axe
Crescent Axe
Great Hammer
Battle Scepter
Crystal Morning Star
Crystal Sword
Master Scepter
Great Scepter
Elemental Mace
Lord Scepter
Light Spear
Giant Trident
Serpent Spear
Great Scythe
Bill of Balrog
Conmocion Lance
Alacran Lance
Pluma Lance
Vis Lance
Dragon Spear
Battle Bow
Tiger Bow
Silver Bow
Light Crossbow
Serpent Crossbow
Entropy Gun
Bluewing Crossbow
Aquagold Crossbow
Saint Crossbow
Celestial Bow
Great Reign Crossbow
Serpent Staff
Thunder Staff
Gorgon Staff
Legendary Staff
Mystery Stick
Violent Wind Stick
Red Wing Stick
Book of Shamut
Book of Neil
Book of Lagle
Staff of Resurrection
Ancient Stick
Staff of Destruction
Dragon Soul Staff
Demonic Stick
Dragon Helm
Legendary Helm
Scale Helm
Sphinx Mask
Brass Helm
Plate Helm
Wind Helm
Spirit Helm
Guardian Helm
Light Plate Mask
Violent Wind Helm
Red Wing Helm
Sacred Fire Helm
Gru hill Helmet
Rune Spink Mask
Slayer Demonic Helm (A)
Round Gunner helmet
Adamantine Mask
Rune Legendary Helmet
Ashcrow Helm
Eclipse Helm
Iris Helm
Ancient Helm
Storm Jahad Helm
Princie Helmet
Black Dragon Helm
Grand Soul Helm
Demonic Helm
Kenaz Hood
Holy Spirit Helm
Dark Steel Mask
Dark Phoenix Helm
Red Spirit Helm
Glorious Mask
Piercing Groove Helm
Hirat Helmet
Sate Helmet
Nightwing Helm
Frere Helmet
Dragon Armor
Legendary Armor
Scale Armor
Sphinx Armor
Brass Armor
Plate Armor
Wind Armor
Spirit Armor
Guardian Armor
Light Plate Armor
Violent Wind Armor
Red Wing Armor
Robust Armor
Gru Hill Armor
Rune Spink Armor
Rune Legendary Armor
Slayer Armor (A)
Slayer Demonic Armor (A)
Round Gunner Armor
Sacred Fire Armor
Adamantine Armor
Ashcrow Armor
Eclipse Armor
Iris Armor
Ancient Armor
Storm Crow Armor
Storm Jahad Armor
Princie Armor
Black Dragon Armor
Dark Phoenix Armor
Grand Soul Armor
Holy Spirit Armor
Dark Steel Armor
Demonic Armor
Kanaz Armor
Frere Armor
Dragon Pants
Legendary Pants
Sphinx Pants
Brass Pants
Plate Pants
Wind Pants
Spirit Pants
Guardian Pants
Light Plate Pants
Violent Wind Pants
Red Wing Pants
Sacred Fire Pants
Gru Hill Pants
Rune Spink Pants
Rune Legendary Pants
Slayer Pants (A)
Slayer Demonic Pants (A)
Round Gunner Pants
Adamantine Pants
Ashcrow Pants
Eclipse Pants
Iris Pants
Storm Crow Pants
Ancient Pants
Princie Pants
Storm Jahad Pants
Black Dragon Pants
Grand Soul Pants
Holy Spirit Pants
Demonic Pants
Kanaz Pants
Dark Phoenix Pants
Thunder Hawk Pants
Red Spirit Pants
Dark Steel Pants
Piercing Groove Pants
Hirat Pants
Sate Pants
Frere Pants
Dragon Gloves
Legendary Gloves
Sphinx Gloves
Brass Gloves
Plate Gloves
Wind Gloves
Spirit Gloves
Guardian Gloves
Light Plate Gloves
Adamantine Gloves
Ashcrow Gloves
Eclipse Gloves
Iris Gloves
Red Wing Gloves
Ancient Gloves
Gru Hill Gloves
Princie Gloves
Rune Spink Gloves
Rune Legendary Gloves
Slayer Demonic Gloves (A)
Round Gunner Gloves
Storm Crow Gloves
Grand Soul Gloves
Demonic Gloves
Kanaz Gloves
Holy Spirit Gloves
Black Dragon Gloves
Dark Steel Gloves
Hirat Gloves
Sate Gloves
Dark Phoenix Gloves
Thunder Hawk Gloves
Dark Soul Gloves
Red Spirit Gloves
Great Dragon Gloves
Dark Master Gloves
Valiant Gloves
Glorious Gloves
Nightwing Gloves
Frere Gloves
Dragon Boots
Legendary Boots
Sphinx Boots
Brass Boots
Plate Boots
Wind Boots
Spirit Boots
Guardian Boots
Light Plate Boots
Adamantine Boots
Violent Wind Boots
Red Wing Boots
Sacred Fire Boots
Storm Jahad Boots
Gru Hill Boots
Rune Spink Boots
Rune Legendary Boots
Slayer Demonic Boots (A)
Round Gunner Boots
Ancient Boots
Princie Boots
Ashcrow Boots
Eclipse Boots
Iris Boots
Storm Crow Boots
Black Dragon Boots
Grand Soul Boots
Demonic Boots
Kanaz Boots
Holy Spirit Boots
Dark Steel Boots
Piercing Groove Boots
Red Spirit Boots
Hirat Boots
Sate Boots
Dark Phoenix Boots
Thunder Hawk Boots
Great Dragon Boots
Dark Soul Boots
Dark Master Boots
Valiant Boots
Glorious Boots
Night Wing Boots
Frere Boots
Orb of Greater Fortitude
Orb of Fire Slash
Spin Step Scroll
Harsh Strike Scroll
Orb of Penetration
Wrath Scroll
Orb of Death Stab
Scroll of FireBurst
Obsidian Scroll
Orb of Anger Blow
Swordsman's Wrath
Sword Blow Bead
Strong Belief Bead
Solid Protection Bead
Orb of Ice Arrow
Scroll of Critical Damage
Magic Pin Scroll
Ice Break Bead
Deathfire Orb
Death Ice Ball
Scroll of Summon
Scroll of Electric Spark
Crystal of Destruction
Crystal of Multi-Shot
Crystal of Recovery
Crystal of Flame Strike
Scroll of Chaotic Diseier
Shining Peak Scroll
Breche Scroll
Dark Plasma Bead
Ring of Fire
Ring of Earth
Ring of Wind
Ring of Magic
Scroll of Evil Spirit
Scroll of Hellfire
Increase Health Parchment
Magic Arrow Act
Chain Drive Parchment
Dragon Roar Parchment
Scroll of Aqua Beam
Scroll of Soul Barrier
Chain Lightning Parchment
Explosion Parchment
Requiem Parchment
Perlution Parchment
Death Scythe Parchment
Darkness Parchment
Scroll of Cometfall
Scroll of Teleport Ally
Damage Reflection Parchment
Berserker Parchment
Dark Side Parchment
Ignore Defense Parchment
Plasma Ball Act
Scroll of Inferno
Scroll of Decay
Scroll of Ice Storm
Scroll of Nova
Lightning Shock Parchment
Weakness Parchment
Scroll of Wizardry Enhance
Scroll of Gigantic Storm
Dragon Slasher Parchment
Lightning Storm Act
Burst Act