Global Mu Online Season 18P2 X50

New medium experience server X1000 Medium Opening at 18.November

GlobalMuOnline Season 18 Gaming World

/startergift Free Lucky set 1lvl

Server for everyone!

Ignis Volcano, Apocalypse sets

GlobalMuOnline - S18 Characters Lemuria, Kundun

Season update DONE

Item Grace Pants
Max Level +15
Max Option + 28
Can have luck Yes
Can be equipped by Grow Lancer
Can have skill No
Can have socket options

Found Drops

Ice Walker
Giant Mammoth
Ice Giant
Dark Mammoth
Iron Knight
Dark Giant
Dark Coolutin
Dark Iron Knight
Maple Tree
Ashy Destry
Ashy Forest Oak
Tashy Deathrider
Ashy Witch Queen
Old Crimson Lycan
Old Crimson Minos
Old Crimson Harpy
Crimson Lycan
Crimson Minos
Crimson Harpy
Underground Persona
Underground Twin Tale
Underground Dreadfear